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Virtual Tours \ Cultural Heritage

The virtual visit is both a simple and versatile means of allowing the public to access a place or knowledge. Thanks to a simple browser and an internet connection, without having to install any application, it is possible to show a site, and to give the desire to make this discovery a reality by then going there.

This support, which can be personalized at will, allows you to use all kinds of media that enrich the visit: photographs, videos, audio comments, music, 3D objects, PDF documents, web pages ... It is also possible to create visits free or guided.

In order to allow visitors to understand the sculptures, bas-reliefs, architecture and volumes in general, I make, from photographs, 3-dimensional models that I include in virtual tours. I invite you to consult my page devoted to photogrammetry to discover the process, as well as examples of achievements.

I also make videos 360 that allow to offer immersive experience to visitors: you can find out here that of the Place Stanislas. These recordings can be viewed on Youtube and Facebook, or integrated into your site.

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Bergeret House

A private mansion in the École de Nancy style, the Maison Bergeret now belongs to the University of Lorraine. Listed as a Historic Monument, this magnificent building is a jewel of Art Nouveau.

(Project in progress)

Place Stanislas


Visite virtuelle de la Place Stanislas à Nancy. L'utilisation d'une caméra filmant à 360° permet une immersion dans un univers en mouvement.


Place Stanislas


Virtual tour of Place Stanislas in Nancy. The use of a camera filming at 360 ° allows an immersion in a universe in movement.


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