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Virtual Tours \ Companies

For a company, the virtual visit has many advantages over the physical visit. In terms of personal safety, for example on an industrial site in production. In terms of accessibility then, in particular for people with disabilities. Also in terms of confidentiality, the virtual visit makes it possible to remove or hide sensitive elements (security cameras, motion detectors, machine whose process must remain confidential).

Virtual reality is also an excellent ambassador for your company and your production tool, obviously on the internet, as well as at trade shows. Indeed, the very playful aspect of this technology attracts attention, especially if you offer virtual reality headsets on your stand.

All my tours are fully compatible with smartphones, tablets, and virtual reality systems (Oculus , cardboard , etc.)

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Midwife's Office

Virtual tours are perfectly suited to small structures and freelancers. They make it possible to create, before the first meeting, a climate of trust with clients or patients.

MAIF Delegation in Arras


In a complicated health context, MAIF wanted to allow its members to discover the brand new premises of the new Arras agency through this virtual visit.


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