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Virtual tours and 3D modeling

Virtual tours are now a valuable tool for commercial, cultural or historical structures. They make it possible to share knowledge, places and emotions, regardless of the distance, and to make them accessible to the public who cannot move.

My achievements are fully compatible with smartphones, tablets and immersive virtual reality solutions (VR headsets, cardboard). Take the test for yourself with the examples below.

With 3D scanning by a photogrammetry process, visitors can examine from all angles the objects that make up your collections, your buildings and all you want them to discover.

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Real Estate


Visits to real estate agents, property dealers, architects, builders. Show your property, whether new, old or under construction.


Banking agencies, insurance companies, medical practices, factories, clinics: many companies are affected by virtual tours.

Cultural Heritage

Museums, archaeological sites, historical monuments: the virtual visit lends itself perfectly to the discovery of art and places of memory.

Exemples de visites virtuelles et de modélisation 3D

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