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Photos taken from reportages produced for various clients, during demonstrations, inaugurations, and other events.




Photos of concerts taken during festivals such as the JDM Festival, Solidays or the Eurockéennes of Belfort.

Sport - Basketball


Selection of strong images taken as official photographer of the SLUC Nancy-Basket from 2009 to 2013.

Sport Automobile


Photos noir et blanc, ambiance retro et intemporelle au milieu de voitures de légende qui ont façonné le sport automobile moderne.

A reportage photographer is an image transcriber. A privileged witness, its role is to report on the progress of an event such as an inauguration, an official visit, a demonstration. He may also be called upon to tell about a process of manufacturing a product, a sporting event, a concert or a whole festival ... All the situations that punctuate the life of a company, a community or an association and who tells about their daily life, their actions, their social involvement ...

A good photographer must be able to tell this story without disturbing its progress by interrupting it, punctuating it with flashes. He is the invisible witness, the one that no one sees so as not to distort the subject's spontaneity with his presence. It is also capable of capturing every scene whatever the light and shooting conditions. It is by all these details that we recognize the quality of a reportage photographer.

For more than twelve years I have specialized in field photography, whether on the floors of PRO A in basketball with the SLUC Nancy, whether for more than ten years on the stages of concerts of the Eurockéennes de Belfort or that this either on all the sites, conferences, inaugurations, production units, head offices, offices, agencies or workshops of my clients. All this experience, I put today at the service of your company to allow you to communicate in the best way on all aspects of your profession.

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