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Who am I ?

I have always grown up in the art world. My grandfather was a painter, my uncle is a painter, my father paints, my mother sculpts, I have found my way in the world of photography. Some will tell you that I fell into it when I was little. The revealer instead of the magic potion, I handle cameras since I was seven.

I followed a scientific school course, Bac S physics, Math Sup, License in computer science. After 10 years of managing networks and computers, I returned to my first love and settled down as a freelance photographer.

My taste for science and technology naturally led me to turn to businesses and industrial circles . My first clients were Saint-Gobain and COLAS, quickly joined by others like Sanofi. For them I work everywhere in France but also abroad. For example, I was sent to Shanghai, Lisbon, Casablanca or even Barcelona.

My personal sensitivity predisposing me to highlight the Human and my scientific rigor giving me facilities to illustrate technical and architectural subjects , I knew how to adapt to all the requests that my clients may have made to me. This great versatility allowed me to be sent on all types of subjects. A kind of all-terrain photographer who gets out of all configurations.

​In parallel with these requests, I was for 10 years a member of the Eurockéennes de Belfort photo team, giving me access to the largest groups and allowing me to acquire a great deal of experience in scene photos . I was also for four seasons the photographer of SLUC Nancy-Basket, legendary Basketball Club that I accompanied in 2011 on the floor of the Palais Ominisport in Paris Bercy to see them win the 2011 French PRO A championship.

In order to gain height in my reportages and be able to work in three dimensions around my subjects, I followed a training which allows me today to be a tele-pilot declared to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and to carry out all the aerial shots which are entrusted to me.

​It is this versatility that I put today at the service of my clients. This allows me to work for the largest groups in France (Sanofi, Air Liquide, EDF, Orange, MAIF, Savings Bank, Bouygues, etc.) but also the largest agencies (Publicis, Havas). I am also the official photographer of Destination Nancy, the operator of tourism in the Greater Nancy Metropolis.

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