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A photographic reportage on the ground may require taking a height to provide an overview of the subject, a different perspective, unprecedented, which will bring to your communication a strong added value. As a photographer I have the same outlook on the subject, whether it is from the sky or from the ground. I can keep the spirit of the reportage and offer you a homogeneous look at your subject.

To be able to achieve the expected images, it is often necessary to obtain authorizations. They are issued by the prefecture, the army or the administrative entity that manages the airspace dealing with the reporting area. As a drone remote pilot declared to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), I take care of these procedures. I will provide you with a copy of these authorizations so that you can certify, in the event of an inspection, that the photos were taken in accordance with the rules.


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Aerial Videos

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Rhodiacéta's park - Besançon

Tourist video in the Vosges

Video of the Grand Nancy Thermal Aquatic Center construction site

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