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Portfolio \ Architecture

Classical architecture


Overview and details, churches, historical monuments, castles, etc.




Modern architecture



Photos of buildings, Skyscrapers, in France ... or elsewhere.

Interior architecture


Interior views of buildings, living spaces, museums, castles, public places.

Dreamlike Rome


The city of Rome seen differently, through the prism of a dreamlike gaze, draped in a haze of poetic blur. A different way of looking at a city so often photographed.

Architectural photography requires particular rigor in the composition of the image. The plans must be precise, the composition meticulous, The management of colors and lights impeccable, the lines of leaks, the verticals, the horizontals must be considered with rigor to preserve all the orthogonality of the building. All of this requires as much work in shooting as in post-production to deliver the most attractive views of their building to the client.

Whether you are an architect, builder, designer, project manager, decorator, creative in an agency, communicator, project manager, contact me for photos of your achievements, your site monitoring and the enhancement of your heritage or your know-how.

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